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The Jackson Hole Snow Devils’ mission   is to educate the  public   concerning winter activities and sports, and to raise  funds for other charitable and educational purposes, including making  donations   to  other charitable organizations described in Section  501(c)(3) of the Internal   Revenue Code and awarding scholarships.   The Organization  has, and intends to  continue, to provide educational courses concerning winter activities (specifically  avalanche training), and to raise money for other charitable  organizations and for educational  scholarships, primarily from its  annual Hill Climb event. 

Jackson Hole Snow Devils is a  family  oriented snowmobile club that  promotes fun and safety in  snowmobiling.  We meet at the Virginian  Convention Center on the  first Thursday of every month, October through  March, for a  pot-luck  dinner at 6:00 P.M.  Monthly e-mails pertaining to  upcoming events are sent out to all members.  The Snow Devils have an organized  ride at  least once a month during the winter for all  members.

The  cost to join is $25.00/single, $40.00/couple, and $50.00/family membership.


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