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Our Mission

Evolution of Hill Climb

Evolution of Hill Climb

 The Jackson Hole Snow Devils’ mission is to educate the public  concerning winter activities and sports, and to raise funds for other  charitable and educational purposes, including making donations to other  charitable organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal  Revenue Code and awarding scholarships.  The Organization has had, and  intends to continue to provide, educational courses concerning winter  activities (specifically avalanche training), and to raise money for  other charitable organizations and for educational scholarships,  primarily from its annual Hill Climb event. 


Evolution of Hill Climb

Evolution of Hill Climb

Evolution of Hill Climb

 About 20 members of the Jackson Hole Snow   Devils   started a small  hill climb in 1975, and what started as a few local boys high marking a ski slope has grown into the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb. The four day event now draws over 10,000 fans and more    than 300 snowmobile hill climb racers from all over the US and Canada  to the valley of Jackson Hole.   Nearly 400 club members and volunteers   converge on Snow King  Mountain to stage one of the largest non-profit charity snowmobile    events in the United States.  


Our Members

Evolution of Hill Climb

Our Members

  We work hard to make the Hill Climb the best overall experience that we  can each year, but we do so much more throughout the year.  The Snow Devils is a family oriented organization with a lot of fun  activities for all skill/age levels! In addition to our meetings and  rides we have our annual Christmas Fundraiser at Togwotee, a camping  trip at Heise, and other activites.  We manage to have fun no matter what  we decide to do!   New Members are always welcome and we encourage you to join. 


Snow Devils Officers

  Mark Hodges - President

 Stevan Davis - Vice President

 Nan Coover - Secretary 

Judy Peters - Treasurer 


Snow Devils Board Members

 RJ Crossland - Board Member

 Dani Raver - Board Member

 Mike Robertson - Board Member

 Jordyn Sperl - Board Member

 Todd Taylor - Board Member

 Aaron Todd - Board Member

 Katie Toolson - Board Member 


Members and Volunteers

 The World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb is put on entirely by  volunteers, the ranks of which are made up primarily of members of the  Jackson Hole Snow Devils.  There are also many volunteers from our local  community and, in fact, from all over the world, who return to help put  on this event year after year!