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Tips to Make the First Time At The Hill A Little EasierThank you for everything!

  1. Question 1. How do I become a participant?
  2. Question 2. How much does a ticket cost?
  3. Question 3. How can I find a place to stay?
  4. Question 4. Can I ride the chairlift up?
  5. Question 5. Is there any parking for RVs?
  6. Question 6. Is there a shuttle service?
  7. Question 7. Where is the closest ATM?
  8. Question 8. Can I order official merchandise?
  9. Question 9. Can I purchase tickets before I come to Jackson?

Answer 1:

Our Snowmobile Hillclimb is part of the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association (RMSHA) circuit. Racers must participate on a racing circuit and earn points. Because there are only a limited number of spaces for racers, the top points racers earn their spot to race. Unfortunately, the typical snowmobile rider cannot participate in this portion of the event.

However, we do have an amateur and masters class that are run prior to this portion of the event. Contact the Snow Devils for more information.

Answer 2:

Tickets are $20/day or $40 for the entire weekend.

Answer 3:

Please visit our Sponsors page to make a reservation with one of our sponsors or contact the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce for other options.

Answer 4:

Yes, and be sure to do so. The view is unbelievable and the race is totally different from up at the top. There is a cost for the lift ticket, which is $20 for a single ride lift ticket, $60 unlimited lift rides for hill climb, and $50 for 1 hour coaster unlimited ride + a single scenic lift ride. No Alcohol is allowed on the ski lift, they will be checking!

Answer 5:

At this time of year there isn't anything available in a regular RV park. However, in the past the Teton County Fairgrounds has allowed overnight parking.

Answer 6:

There is no dedicated shuttle, but the Town of Jackson "Start" Bus system will run buses on their normal route. It is easier to leave your vehicle at your room, as parking is very limited. You can plan your bus trip with their interactive planner and bus schedules should also be available at your hotel's front desk.

Answer 7:

Several are located throughout town, the closest being the new ATM located in the Ice Rink right next to the hill. There is also one in the Snow King Resort.

Answer 8:

No, so be sure to purchase your things early. In the past, our merchandise has gone very quickly.

Answer 9:

Although we will not have our wristbands until the event, if you contact the Snow Devils we will try to accomodate your request.